Never done cleaning?

A recent trip to the dentist for the dreaded scaling and polishing gave me a lot of thought. This was especially so when the dentist said I should have root planing as well as scaling. Only then would I have really clean, healthy gums etc.”Planing?” The very thought conjured up in my mind a woodworker’s bench, loud scraping, and slivers of wood flying around. It made my toes curl. So, a prompt “No thanks!” was my response, followed of course by my mandatory signature of refusal, lest I sue them later on, if all my teeth fall out for lack of “planing.”I’ll stick to the usual cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning…and save the dental budget for the kids’ teeth. I’ve got my man:)

Then there was a trip to Lowes (B and Q, for the Brits) to purchase cleaning products, among other things. What an array! Stuff to scrub, clean, and polish just about everything you can think of, apart from your teeth!

Then home, and I just managed to rescue my vacuum cleaner before my dear husband thoughtfully started to vacuum mounds of plaster dust from the floor, after a wall repair job. (The last time I did that with the vacuum cleaner, I destroyed it).

Always cleaning

We are never done cleaning, are we? Floor cleaning, teeth cleaning, yard cleaning, desk cleaning, window cleaning, street cleaning, bedroom cleaning, sink cleaning, furniture cleaning, car cleaning, bathroom cleaning, toddler cleaning, garage cleaning, clothes cleaning, and even computer cleaning. Not to mention cleaning our faces, hands, hair etc.

A dirty world

Why is the world so dirty? Or are we just obsessional? Well, no doubt we are at times just plain obsessional. Also there is good money in this industry for all those companies that exploit it to its limit.

But, the real reason is us. The Fall not only brought moral and spiritual filth into the world, but all the physical dirt and grime as well. Every time I have to clean something, I am reminded that sin is the root cause of all the dust, dirt, scale…and that I have a much bigger problem than physical dirt to contend with…the dirt and grime of my heart.

No permanent cleaning product

Now cleaning dirt and grime can be a very enjoyable, rewarding task. But we all know that it will not last, and sooner or later it has to be done again. The purchase of all these nicely packaged cleaning products and all they promise will continue. They can clean, but not forever. Some of them even seem to clean, until the sun shines and then those patio doors still look pretty grimy.

Clean forever

Well, a recent sermon I heard reminded me of an amazing truth that I do not think about often enough.

“It is finished!” John 19:30

Christ finished His cleansing work and there was nothing more to do. As believers, the cleaning has been done for us and there is no more cleaning to do. We cannot be any more clean than we are in Christ.

Next time I pick up the duster, or the floor brush, I will remind myself that in the matter of my soul, it is DONE. Before God, I am CLEAN, in Christ. It does not need repeated. It is FOREVER! ¬†What a motivation to serve Him with the duster, and the floor brush. My dear fellow-believing moms and wives, next time you clean the floor, your toddler’s mess, or your husband’s work den, think of Christ and the perfect cleaning He has done for you.

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3 thoughts on “Never done cleaning?

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  2. Oh my, the thought of “teeth planing” gives me a shiver up my spine as I read this!

    Praise God for words like “It is finished!”

    A Merry Christmas to you and your entire family, Shona, and I hope you are feeling healthy and energetic!

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