From Radical Islam to Christ – A Wonderful Testimony

This week, I would like to share with you one of the most beautiful testimonies I have ever heard; that of Daniel Shayesteh.

Born in Iran into a Muslim family of twelve children, he grew up to become a strong ally of Ayatollah Khomeini. One of three men chosen to form Hezbollah, he fanatically pursued the radicalization of young Muslims and organized terrorist training camps. The aim? To destroy Israel and America.

On becoming disenchanted with Khomeini and his clerical colleagues’ crushing of free thought and speech, he was instrumental in forming the first democratically elected government in Iran, which was opposed to the Ayatollah. However, Khomeini’s radical Muslim supremacy, ensured a crushing of the government and death or exile of all government sympathizers.

Daniel Shayesteh fled to Turkey, apparently losing all; including his wife and children. BUT, Christ found him, and ultimately his wife and children too.

In this vibrant testimony, you cannot but be filled with praise for the wonder of God’s saving power.

Two photos from the video stand out.

The first, here, shows a wife and family who are hidden in black and have been taught to never smile, because hatred does not smile.

The second shows this same wife and girls several years later with the beauty of Christ shining through their faces.

Watch the video. You will be captivated.

Direct link to Video: From Radical Islam To Christ

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4 thoughts on “From Radical Islam to Christ – A Wonderful Testimony

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  2. Thank you for sharing this article. It is always so wonderful to hear the Gospel of the Grace of God changing spiritually dead sinners. This is something that took place for me in 1999, when from a Zoroastrian family from Iran the Lord opened my eyes to see the glory of His Son in the work of the cross. As I studied the Bible for around 1 and half years to be able to argue against my friends, the Lord opened my heart to see the vileness and wretchedness of sins, and the beauty of Christ. Now for sometime a small work has begun in translating and publishing Reformed and Evangelistic books and booklets to build of the saints and reach the lost (Parsa Trust: Through this ministry we have heard of many who have come to saving faith in Christ and Christian’s who are being helped to find the safe path’s of experiential reformation truths.

    Please pray that His truth as it is being published would impact all who receive and read them for His glory and their salvation and edification. Thank you once more for sharing the testimony of this brother.

  3. Thank you, Pooyan, for sharing this. It is so encouraging to hear of another, and many others being converted from Islam to Christ.
    May the Lord mightily bless the work you are engaged in to reach more needy souls.

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